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NERSP.CNS.UFL.EDU is CNS's UNIX service. It runs AIX/6000, IBM's implementation of the UNIX operating system.

As of June 4 2006 the RS/6000 SP node which historically hosted nersp.[nerdc|cns] has been decommissioned and all NERSP services have been moved to an LPAR (Logical Partition) on one of OSG's p5-570s. This new host is named; however, the older hostnames including nersp.cns and nersp.nerdc have been updated to point to the new location. This new hardware and OS are more comfortably located within the vendor's support life window which gives us peace of mind going forward. The new NERSP host will continue to provide these legacy services for the foreseeable future.

The Internet hostname for CNS's NERSP complex is .

To access the NERSP, SSH from your PC, workstation, or other Internet host. Dial-in access is available through CNS terminal servers.


Users considering using the UF/CNS dial-up service should be aware that this service is under review, and may possibly be discontinued at or shortly after the end of calendar year 2006. For more information, please see CNS News item N0435, "CNS Dial-up Services Under Review".

The username you will use on NERSP is the same as your existing CNS username. Because NERSP does not currently communicate with CNS's RACF system, you will need to enroll yourself by SSHing to NERSP and typing register at the login prompt. You will be prompted for your CNS username and password, which will then be validated. Be aware that your username and password will be entered in lower case.

Upon completion of the enrollment process you will be able to SSH to NERSP and login. Although your password on NERSP will initially match your primary CNS password, the two passwords need not stay matched. Changes to one password will not be carried over to the other.

Passwords are changed by entering passwd at the command prompt. Your password is updated immediately in the master and local copies of the password database. The other nodes are updated once an hour.

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Last updated 7 June 2006, by David Burdette, CNS Information Services