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Last modified on June 26, 2005.

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June 26, 2005 - We have put our videos on DVDs for the convenience and savings of our customers. See here for details.

April 25, 2005 - We received an excellent review of God and Science in Science and Theology Journal. Click here to read it.

August 3, 2004 - We have a new book in production called God and Science: Divine Causation and the Law of Nature which is a collection of 21 essays by Dr. Richard L. Thompson on science and religion, divided in five categories, religion and the laws of nature, physics, consciousness, evolution, and ancient civilization and cosmology. It's publication date is October 2004, but a limited number of copies may be available in September. Click here to read the foreword of the book.

January 26, 2004 - We have a new domain name which gives an indication of what our books are all about. It is hosted by, a server in Czech Republic.

December 11, 2003 - We sent a brief newsletter and announcement of our 20% discount off all retail sales for the month of December to all our former web customers. Click here to read it.

May 30, 2003 - Dr. Richard L. Thompson has a new book called Maya: The World As Virtual Reality which uses the idea of a virtual reality, popularized by the movie, The Matrix, to shed light on the nature of consciousness.

November 3, 2000 - Dr. Richard L. Thompson has a new book called Mysteries of the Sacred Universe which sheds new light on ancient Indian cosmology and ancient civilization in general and which will be published in November 2000. He also has a Mysteries of the Sacred Universe Interactive CD with 260 color pictures, 23 computer graphics animations, and a 48-minute video which summarizes its contents.

April 27, 2000 - We added an new feature to the Alien Identities page called Alien Anecdote of the Day which automatically displays a different excerpt from the book each day.

October 9, 1999 - We have a new book in production on the topic of comparitive ancient cosmology entitled Mysteries of the Sacred Universe. Let us know if you want to be informed when it is printed. We are joining different webrings to promote our site. They are listed at the bottom of our main page.

July 22, 1998 - We updated our links page and the text-only version of our catalog of books and videos which were both sadly out of date.

November 18, 1997 - We added to the videos page descriptions of the television shows "The Mysterious Origins of Man" and "UFOs: The First Encounters" featuring interviews with the authors of Forbidden Archeology and Alien Identities. You may purchase these from us as described under "Ordering Info" on the videos page.

February 1, 1997 - In January 1997, Richard Thompson, author of Alien Identities, appeared on the Arts and Entertainment network's Ancient Mysteries series on a show entitled "UFOs: The First Encounters." If you would like a copy of the show, please send a check or money order $19.95 plus $4.00 shipping (U.S. priority mail) to G.H.I., P.O. Box 1920, Alachua, FL 32616-1920.

August 13, 1996 - We added a text-only version of our catalog of books and videos for people to download.

July 6, 1996 - We added an excerpts section to the Forbidden Archeology page which presently contains a single excerpt about a find at Table Mountain. This is also our feature.

June 25, 1996 - We added pricing information from our United Kingdom distributor, BBL, for Alien Identities, Forbidden Archeology, and The Hidden History of the Human Race.

June 19, 1996 - We added web counters to our home page, the Alien Identities page and the Forbidden Archeology page, initializing them using web server statistics from October 22, 1995.

June 12, 1996 - Forbidden Archeology is back in print, with a new price, $44.95. We have added a page of links at the request of some of those who have kindly listed our site on their pages and to keep up with standard World Wide Web practices. At present this page is brief, but it will be updated periodically.

May 8, 1996 - As a result of the NBC special, "The Mysterious Origin of Man," the January printing of 2,000 copies of Forbidden Archeology was all sold out. Moveover, there are 2,500 backorders. The book will be reprinted and will be available sometime in June. There are, however, still copies of the abridged version entitled Forbidden Archeology and anomalous archeology in general on newsgroups like, sci.archeology, alt.archeology, and sci.anthropology.paleo. A lot of the negative responses were just name-calling, but others seriously considered the evidence presented. Many people spoke up against the Texas footprints, which we didn't include in Forbidden Archeology because we were doubtful of their veracity. People also objected to the Calaveras skull, which we described in Forbidden Archeology as having evidence "so contradictory and confusing that although the skull could have come from an Indian burial cave we might regard with suspicion anyone who comes forward with any kind of definite conclusion." People wanted more information on the grooved spheres from South Africa, and so to satisfy them the Forbidden Archeology section on that find is this week's feature.

February 25, 1996 - At 7:00 p.m. there is a NBC special called "The Mysterious Origin of Man." Topics mentioned in Forbidden Archeology will be among those discussed, and there will be clips from an interview with the authors of that book.

February 18, 1996 - In light of next Sunday's NBC special on the mysterious origin of man, our feature for the week is just one of many of the well-documented pieces of evidence discussed in Forbidden Archeology showing modern man is older than commonly thought.

February 7, 1996 - We finally uploaded the second chapter of Vedic Cosmography and Astronomy as our sample chapter of this book and our feature for the week. This chapter discusses how the Vedic description of reality implies the existence of higher dimensions which are inaccessible to our present senses.

February 1, 1996 - We finally scanned in the concluding chapter of Origins. Thanks go to Philip of Orlando for reminding us about this. The chapter will constitute this week's feature.

January 24, 1996 - This week's feature is "High Technology and the Ground of Being", a nice article by Richard Thompson discussing physics, the origin of complex life forms, the cause of the order in the universe, and more.

January 17, 1996 - There was supposed to be an NBC special on the mysterious origin of man tonight. We didn't see it here in Alachua and are checking with NBC to see what happened. Topics mentioned in Forbidden Archeology will be among those discussed, and there will be clips from an interview with the authors of that book.

January 15, 1996 - This week's feature is "The Computerized Mr. Jones," an article by Richard Thompson from BTG magazine dealing with consciousness and how consciousness cannot be explained with a mechanistic model. An alternative explanation is given.

January 2, 1996 - This week's feature is an excerpt from Mechanistic and Nonmechanistic Science--An Investigation Into the Nature of Consciousness and Form discussing how modern science cannot presently explain consciousness.

December 25, 1995 - This week's feature is two sections from the second chapter of Alien Identities: On Misperception and Failings of Memory and The False Memory Syndrome.

December 17, 1995 - We finally finished scanning in a sample chapter of Mechanistic and Nonmechanistic Science--An Investigation Into the Nature of Consciousness and Form.

December 10, 1995 - My apologies for my tardiness in updating the 'weekly' feature, which has too often lapsed into a fortnightly feature.

November 13-December 10, 1995 - We scanned in a sample chapter of Mechanistic and Nonmechanistic Science--An Investigation Into the Nature of Consciousness and Form.

November 5, 1995 - weekly feature was Whitley Strieber's Foreword to Alien Identities.

October 23, 1995 - We finally put up the Table of Contents of Vedic Cosmography and Astronomy.

October 21, 1995 - We have added a weekly feature page where we will post each week a different feature article dealing with one of the topics discussed in our books.

The second edition of Alien Identities, with a foreword by Whitley Strieber, is now available.

We've added an excerpt from a new review by Tim Murray of Forbidden Archeology.

We have moved to a new web server, NERDC, who agreed to let us, as a non-profit organization, advertise our books.

September 22, 1995 - Color illustrations have been added for the four videos.

August 25, 1995 - A color version of the Govardhan Hill Publishing logo was added to the Main Page and the pages it refers to.

August 24, 1995 - A picture of Govardhan Hill was added to the "About" page.

August 14, 1995 - A picture of Origins has been added, along with its table of contents. The table of contents of Mechanistic and Nonmechanistic Science was also put in place. All the cover picture are now right-aligned, so the user can read the description while the picture is loading.

August 7, 1995 - A picture of Vedic Cosmography and Astronomy was added. The Hidden History of the Human Race now has a fascinating sample chapter added to it along with reviews and a table of contents.

August 4, 1995 - Pictures of The Hidden History of the Human Race and Mechanistic and Nonmechanistic Science have been added.

July 22, 1995 - The Forbidden Archeology page now has "about the authors" and "reviews/comments" added to it, and the general "About" page mentions the source of our name.

July 21, 1995 - A picture of Forbidden Archeology has been added to the page describing it, as well as a sample chapter and table of contents. We also added a map to the "About" description showing our location.

July 17, 1995 - What's New page was added to inform WWW enthusiasts of the latest changes and future plans regarding the Govardhan Hill Publishing page.

July 15, 1995 - Alien Identities book page now includes image of cover, description, about the author, sample chapter, table of contents, and reviews.

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