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The Mysterious Origins of Man
UFOs: The First Encounters
Simulated Worlds
Mind and Brain
The Hidden History of the Human Race
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Mysteries of the Sacred Universe Video

Mysteries of the Sacred Universe Video
The Cosmology of the Bhagavata Purana
Richard L. Thompson

      Mysteries of the Sacred Universe shows that the cosmology of the Bhagavata Purana is a sophisticated system, with multiple levels of meaning that encode at least four different astronomical, geographical, and spiritual world models.

      This video which summarizes the contents of the Mysteries of the Sacred Universe book and CD, also appears on the CD itself, though greatly reduced in size. Dr. Richard Thompson describes each of the four different ways the Bhagavata cosmology can be seen as meaningful. His presentation is illustrated with computer graphics animations and diagrams which make the subject matter come alive.

48 minutes, with narration and music, full of computer graphics animations illustrating the material, VHS, NTSC (other formats available on request) Order Now!

Mystery Origins of Man Video CaseThe Mysterious Origins of Man
An NBC TV Special featuring the authors of Forbidden Archeology
Original NBC Special - 46 minutes / Companion Tape - 60 minutes
Produced by BC Video

The creators of the Emmy-Award-Winning Mystery of the Sphinx present a revolutionary network special which examines one of our greatest mysteries: Man's origins. Hosted by Charlton Heston, this documentary challenges what we are being taught about man's evolution and rise to civilization.

A new breed of scientific investigators present startling evidence; evidence that the academic community has quietly ignored. If this evidence is allowed to speak for itself, the history of man on this planet may be radically different than what is accepted today.
VHS / Hi Fi Stereo / Color Order Now!

Ancient Mysteries Video CaseUFOs: The First Encounters
Produced by the Arts & Entertainment Network
approx. 45 minutes
Featuring Richard Thompson, author of Alien Identities

For centuries scholars have grappled with the question of what UFOs may be and the possible identity of their occupants. Where do they come from, and have they had an influence on human history? Acknowledging this topic as a sensitive one with supporters on both sides of an ongoing debate, this episode of Ancient Mysteries explores numerous possibilities while stating, "Before we unlock the future, we must find the keys to the past."

The modern world has inherited a rich legacy from those who came before us--from people who believed their own civilization came to them from people coming down from the heavens. Interestingly, modern archeologists often ponder the exact process that lead to these civilizations, for "it was with the suddenness of a sunrise that human ingenuity and engineering arose from the stone age." How did ancient people develop the technology to build their great monuments with the discipline and precision often unmatched today? Why do so many ancient texts contain references to strange flying objects, centuries before the invention of the airplane? Are we missing a part of the human story?

Join Leonard Nimoy, host, as Ancient Mysteries explores "UFOs: The First Encounters," a new investigation of the unsolved. Order Now!

Simulated Worlds
Produced by Richard Thompson, 45 Minutes

With the advent of computers in the mid-twentieth century, some scientists predicted it would soon be possible to simulate the human mind. Although much time has passed, they have made little progress in that endeavor. Now a new approach is being inaugurated. Several different groups of scientists are experimenting with projecting the consciousness of subjects into robot bodies moving within computer simulated worlds. Some computer science researchers have linked up the senses of human subjects to a computer, using video monitors and joint movement sensors. This enabled the subjects to experience themselves to be seeing and moving within a three-dimensional computer-generated world.

This video reviews some examples of simulated worlds technology. It also explores some interesting parallels between the situation of the subject in the simulated world and that of the conditioned self described in Vedic Sankhya philosophy. This video is for general audiences. Order Now!

Mind and Brain
Produced by Richard Thompson, 30 Minutes

The relationship between the conscious self and the physical brain has proven puzzling to scientists and philosophers ever since the mechanistic revolution in thought in the 17th century. This video explores this relationship, starting with the modern theories and dreams of artificial intelligence researchers. Some AI exponents believe that suitably sophisticated computers can be conscious in the same way that human beings are. In particular, parallel processors simulating neural networks are now believed by many to have the potential for duplicating all human cognitive abilities. This video shows that consciousness, however, involves more than just extremely complex behavior, regardless of whether this behavior is carried out in a brain or in a computer. Philosophical arguments and empirical evidence are introduced indicating that the conscious self is distinct from the physical body. This video is intended for college classroom presentations. Order Now!

The Hidden History of Human Race: Parts I & II
Part I, 30 Minutes; Parts I & II, 60 Minutes
Produced by Richard Thompson

This video sheds new light on the modern theory of human evolution by presenting several examples of suppression and misrepresentation of evidence in the fields of archeology and paleoanthropology. It shows how the present theory, considered by many to be factual, has been developed and maintained by ignoring and discrediting evidence of equal or better quality that is against it. The anomalous evidence presented is a small fraction of the total gathered. All the evidence is described in Forbidden Archeology.

The second part of the video addresses the question, "If evolution from apelike ancestors is dismissed as a viable hypothesis, then where did human beings come from?" Ideas of human origins from different cultures around the world are discussed along with empirical evidence supporting them. The Vedic cosmology with its hierarchy of beings is presented as an explanation consistent with traditional ideas of human descent from a higher realm.

The video features animations involving extensive use of computer graphics. It is for general audiences. Order Now!

Models of Natural Selection
Produced by Richard Thompson, 30 Minutes

The neo-Darwinian theory of evolution is based on the assumption that all existing organisms are connected to one another by closely spaced chains of viable intermediate forms. Unfortunately, this assumption is seldom subjected to careful scientific scrutiny. This video shows the need for clearly defined models in the neo-Darwinian theory of evolution. It shows that required intermediate forms fail to exist for certain key models, and it discloses the inadequacy of the theory in general.

The video is based on a lecture delivered at a scientific conference on evolution in Budapest. It is aimed at scientifically oriented audiences. Order Now!

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