Mysteries of the Sacred Universe--Table of Contents
Mysteries of the Sacred Universe
The Cosmology of the Bhagavata Purana
by Richard Thompson

Table of Contents



1. Searching Past the Mechanics of Perception

2. Thinking Machines and Psychophysical Parallelism
2.1 How A Computer Works
2.2 Artificial Intelligences and Hierarchies of Function
2.3 Subjective Consciousness in Machines and Humans
2.4 Several Nonmechanistic Theories
2.5 The Conscious Self as a Complete Sentient Personality

3. Dialog on Consciousness and the Quantam
3.1 A Quantum Mechanical Problem
3.2 What Quantam Mechanics is Really Saying
3.3 Threading the Labyrinth of Quantam Epistemology
3.4 A Discussion of Contrasting Worldviews

4. Karl Popper on the Mind-Body Problem--A Review


5. Information Theory and the Self-Organization of Matter
5.1 The Theme of Simplicity in Theories of Physics
5.2 The Great Complexity of Biological Form
5.3 Information-theoretic Limitations on the Evolution of Complex Form
5.4 Complex Form and the Frustration of Empiricism

6. Chance and the Unity of Nature
6.1 Statistical Laws and their Role in Modern Physics
6.2 The Illusion of Absolute Chance
6.3 Chance and Evolution
6.4 The Paradox of Unity and Diversity

7. On Inspiration
7.1 The Mechanistic Explanation
7.2 Some Striking Examples
7.3 The Interaction Between Consciousness and Matter

8. The Doctrine of Evolution
8.1 Evolution: An Invisible Process
8.2 The Fossil Record and the Origin of Higher Plants
8.3 The Enigma of Organic Structure
8.4 The Resserection of the Hopeful Monster
8.5 Evolution and Negative Theology


9. The Epistimology of Transcendental Knowledge
9.1 The Process of Bhakti-Yoga
9.2 Faith, Subjectivity, and Verifiability
9.3 The Brain, the Mind, and the Conscious Self
9.4 Positive and Negative Injunctions of Bhakti
9.5 The Process of Sravanam
9.6 The Process of Kirtanam


A1. A Discussion of Information Theory
A2. Information Content of the Law of Chemistry



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